How We Process



  • When Apex Title Agency, Ltd. receives your order we immediately order a title search and send you a confirmation of your order and a draft HUD settlement statement disclosing our fees for the transaction and any other amounts that are already known .
  • Once title has been searched we promptly prepare a title commitment and order any necessary payoffs or releases.
  • When the commitment is prepared a staff attorney or licensed title agent will examine the commitment and begin clearing any defects. Any extraordinary or complicated title defects will be handled by the attorney or agent. When necessary, we work with outside attorneys and other third parties to clear any defect or resolve any pending issues. We are dedicated to minimizing any delays that may ensue from working with parties who are not intimately involved with your transaction.
  • While clearing any title defects we also take care. of any other requirements for your title order. These items may include, ordering surveys, approving legal descriptions, ordering verifications of mortgage, proofreading, preparation of deeds and any necessary affidavits, contacting hazard insurance agents, and other functions that help get your order to the closing table.
  • When we have cleared the title and performed any other services that can be done prior to closing we are ready to close your transaction at your convenience. As soon as the closing has been scheduled we will arrange for all parties to sign the documents at the most convenient location, or locations. We will be sure that any special circumstances related to your transaction are handled promptly and all necessary arrangements are made.
  • Once a closing is scheduled and as soon as we have been contacted by the lender we will prepare a complete HUD settlement statement for all parties to review and upon receipt of approval of that HUD we will finish preparing all closing documents. Our professional closer will then be ready to perform the closing as scheduled.
  • Once a transaction has been closed we will review all of the documents and return the lender’s package promptly. In addition to the return of the completed closing package to the lender we will fulfill any other lender instructions to ensure there is no delay in the funding of the transaction. We will also record all necessary documents and update our title abstract as soon as possible.
  • Once we have received the funds and upon approval of the lender we will fund the loan and disperse all monies to the recipients. We will also perform any final duties required to finish the transaction and ensure the satisfaction of all parties.
  • Following disbursement and the return of any recorded documents we will issue all insurance policies and complete the process.
  • After completion of a transaction we will always be available to answer any questions or otherwise provide assistance to any party.


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